Catering, Fresh herbs and spices are used through out the manufacturing process making savoury finger food  

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Catering, All vegetables are fresh and bought from the markets daily

Gretward is a small family company thats 100% Australian Owned

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All images on this website are created in house

Gretward's mission

Gretward & Co Pty Limited is a small food manufacturer that has been supplying the food service industry for the last 18 years

Gretward's unique ideas have been specially formulated using fresh herbs, specific stocks and glazes with sweet, dry and fortified wine reductions using flavour vinegar continuity by highly professional people that are pioneering fast, convenient flavoursome snacks and food ideas. These recipes are not only universal but also quick for the consumer while adhering to a very strict quality assurance program.

Our aim in being an advanced food manufacturer is to provide convenient wholesome food at the highest quality, taking into consideration colour harmony and flavour continuity in the context of a fast growing multicultural society. All products produced by Gretward & Co are GMO free.

Home delivery of fine savoury party finger foods such as party pies, sausage rolls, spinach and vegetable 
products in forty different flavours, freshly manufactured and frozen for delivery for special functions
 at home, in the office or for weddings and special occasions. 

Self Catering ,save money and call Gretward on (02) 9743 6641. Tell a Female friend about Gretward & Co

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Address PO Box 374 Concord 2137  Tel # 61 2 97436641   Fax # 61 2 97432304

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